William Giarè, Ph.D. 

Research Associate in Theoretical Cosmology 

School of Mathematics & Statistics, The University of Sheffield

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Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm a theoretical physicist and cosmologist, currently Research Associate in Theoretical Cosmology (Post-doc) at the School of Mathematics & Statistics of the University of Sheffield.

Formerly, I obtained my PhD in Astrophysics at Sapienza, University of Rome and then I was a post-doctoral research fellow at the INFN Center for Advanced Studies Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics.  

My scientific interests are very diversified. In a Venn diagram they would lie at the intersection between cosmology, astrophysics, and particle physics. Working at the interface between theory and data, I'm studying the possibility of using current and future cosmological and astrophysical observations to test and constrain new physics beyond the standard model of cosmology.

My research activity combines theoretical, computational and numerical cosmology with statistics. I'm largely interested in statistical methods for cosmological and astrophysical data-analysis such as Monte Carlo techniques for the Bayesian inference of cosmological parameters and Machine Learning.  In addition, I deal with computational and numerical tools of cosmology, particularly with algorithms aimed at testing the observable predictions resulting from theoretical models of the Universe. These include (but are not limited to) codes for the anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe.  Finally,  a conspicuous part of my work is to probe fundamental physics with cosmology. This often leads me to study theoretical extensions to General Relativity and the Standard Model of elementary particles and to analyze their cosmological implications using the techniques mentioned above.  

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Room  G39e
School of Mathematics & Statistics
Hicks Building · Hounsfield Road · Sheffield S3 7RH
United Kingdom

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